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Natural Sound Remedies Program

Echoes of Natural Sound Remedies

Echoes of Natural Sound Remedies clinically proven musical system to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up rejuvenated

You simply listen to the soothing ambient music at bedtime and specific inaudible sound frequencies, embedded into the soundtrack, help you to fall asleep easily and naturally.


Soft melodic compositions woven together with calming nature sounds.


Safe and natural process proven to lead you to rejuvenating states of deep sleep.


Easy to use with light headphones or ordinary speakers.


Contains no spoken words or subliminal messages.


20 Relaxation echoes of natural sound booster audio that you can listen to at any time of day, on your MP3 player or computer, when you feel in need of it.

Sweet Sweet Dream - BrainwavesSpecial Bonus : "Sweet Sweet Dream"

Sweet Sweet Dream is a 60 minute brain wave entrainment session that guides your brainwaves into alpha and then theta, the waves of sleep.

There are no words, just pleasant sounds to lull you to sleep. This may suit you and are able to relax without additional help.

Your sleeplessness may be caused by extra stress from a demanding job, teenaged children, a chronic pain condition or something else that impedes relaxation.

Whatever your problem the relaxation session will help you to become calmer and better able to benefit from the brain wave entrainment audio.


Researchers have found that brainwaves can be changed by using certain sounds or lights.


4 Hz brainwaves are associated with sleep. When a 4 Hz sound is stimulated the brain responds by adopting the same pattern.


Sweet Sweet Dream audio produces 4 Hz brainwaves and the person listening begins to feel sleepy or to actually fall asleep.


As you lie in the bed listening to the audio you will sink into a very relaxed and receptive state no matter what is your particular problem is.


You will begin to feel very calm and you will just love listening to it.



What Are The Other Experts Say Music To Sleep By ...

Your body naturally responds to rhythms: the slower the beat and the less discernible the rhythm, the more your heartbeat and brainwaves will slow down.

Indeed, when composing music to seriously calm you, it's the 'space between the notes' and timbre of the sounds rather than the melody, tune or rhythm that matter most. Ideally, music for relaxation should create an internal space that the listener can literally step into and float freely with, discovering their inner peace.

Music played only on synthesizers doesn't work as well as that which includes real instruments, because only these allow the notes to breathe. Gongs, bells and Tibetan bowls are often used for their healing effect, but if not sufficiently muted can sometimes have hard angular notes which can 'awaken' you.

What you need is soft, rounded sounds. Flutes, acoustic guitar, oboe, cor anglais and the cello are perfect examples. Ideally, too, you don't want any emotional involvement with the music, or be familiar with the tune. This explains why the gentle ebb and flow of the ocean is nature's ultimate 'sleep-by' sound to help you drift off.

Clive Williamson, Musician and Producer with Symbiosis



Note that the audios are downloadable and are in MP3 format. There will be no physical product to mail to you.

The "Natural Sound Remedies Program" files are large, up to 100 MB, please make sure that you have a fast broadband connection.

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This valuable and possible life saving information comes with 30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfies for any reason. If can't help you, I certainly don't deserve your money. Do I??

Take advantage of this genuine opportunity that has already helped so many people cure their insomnia without drugs. Its easy and the risk is on me with my 30 day guarantee.

You'll find out what they haven't told you, when you download the "Natural Sound Remedies Program", and you will be amazed, because correcting insomnia is really quite simple when you know how.


Your friends,

Dr.Samantha Hement

Department of Neurology.

Helsinki, Finland


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