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Insomnia Self Assessment Questionnaires


The self-assessment test below can help determine if you might be suffering from a medical sleep disorder.

Are You Suffering From Sleeping Disorders?

Answer YES or NO to  the entries below that apply to you and your sleep habits and health status.

1.      Trouble falling asleep at night



2.      It is a norm to wake up in the wee hours several times a day



3.      If I was awaken at night, I would have trouble getting back to sleep



4.      No matter how I tried I am, my mind is always busy and lie awake at night worrying



5.      I wake up very early despite sleeping late



6.      It takes me more than 30 mins to fall asleep



7.      I am suffering from depression



8.      I worry about tomorrow things at night and then have trouble relaxing and failing asleep.




Scoring your results

If you answered YES  three or more statements, you show signs of insomnia.


Night Owls and Morning Larks

The following questionnaire is based on a longer questionnaire first published in 1976 and known as the Horne-Ostberg test. It explores whether you have a tendency to function better towards the end of 24 hours a day or at the beginning of one. Consider each question in turn and choose one response which best described you. When you have answered all the questions, add up the score for each response. The final score will give you some indication of whether you are more of an “evening” person or a “morning” person.


Breakfast: How is your appetite in the first after you wake up in the morning?

a)              Very poor -------1

b)              Fairly poor -------2

c)              Fairly good -------3

d)              Very good --------4


How do you feel for the first half hour after you wake up in the morning?

a)              Very tired --------1

b)              Fairly tired --------2

c)              Fairly refreshed -------3

d)              Very refreshed ---------4


When you have no commitments the next day, at what time do you go to bed compared to your usual bedtime?

a)              Seldom or never later ---------4

b)              Less than 1 hour later ----------3

c)              1-2 hours later ----------2

d)              More than 2 hours later --------1


You are staring a new fitness regime. A friend suggests joining his fitness class between 7am and 8am. How do you think you’d perform?

a)              Would be on good from -------4

b)              Would be on reasonable form --------3

c)              Would be it difficult ----------2

d)              Would find it very difficult ----------1


At what time in the evening do you feel tired and in need of sleep?

a)              8pm to 9om ----------5

b)              9pm to 10.15pm ------4

c)              10.15pm to 12.45am ----------3

d)              12.45am to 2am --------2

e)              2am to 3am -------1


If you went to bed at 11pm, how tired would you be?

a)              Not at all tired ---------0

b)              A little tired --------2

c)              Fairly tired ------3

d)              Very tired ----------5


One night you have to remain awake between 4am and 6am. You have no commitments the next day. Which suits you best?

a)              Not to go to bed until 6am ----------1

b)              Nap before 4am and after 6am ----------2

c)              Sleep before 4am and nap after 6am --------3

d)              Sleep before 4am and remain awake after 6am -------4


At what time of your day do you feel you’re best?

a)              Midnight 5am ------1

b)              5am to 9am ------5

c)              9am to 11am --------4

d)              11am to 5pm -----------3

e)              5pm to 10pm -------2

f)                10pm midnight ----------1


Do you think of yourself as a morning or evening person?

a)              Morning type ------6

b)              More morning than evening --------4

c)              More evening than morning  ------2

d)              Evening type -------0


Suppose that you can choose your own work hours, but had to work 5 hours in a day. When would you like to START your working day?

a)              Midnight 5am -------1

b)              3am to 8am --------5

c)              8am to 10am --------4

d)              10am to 2pm ------------3

e)              2pm to 4pm --------2

f)                4pm to midnight ------1


Scoring: Add up the number of points that you scored for each answer to find out just how much of lark or an owl you are. The maximum number of points you can get from this questionnaire is 46 and the minimum is 8. The higher you score the more of morning lark you are. The lower you score, the more of night owl you are, and you probably function better in the evenings. The majority of people come somewhere between these two extremes.


For more accuracy on insomnia test, you may want to try more insomnia self-test and improving your sleep. Please visit below link:

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What You Need To Do If You Have Insomnia?

Many insomniacs cure their sleep disorder without seeking their doctor. Many insomniacs. do have some questions on insomnia. Like what is insomnia, how to cure, how common is insomnia and etc.

If you affected by insomnia, you may like to visit The Most 6 FAQ About Insomnia and The Most 9 FAQ About Rhythms of Sleep, which offers both useful information and knowledge support.


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